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When your Flowers arrive they are photographed and inventoried, then the arrangement is taken apart and the flower are placed on a tray in one of our four freeze-dryers. Each freeze-dryer holds between six to eight thousand blooms.
They are held in the chamber at minus 30 degrees. This holds the position of blossom and stops the aging the process. When the machines is fully loaded we start a vacuum pump and the process of sublimation begins. The vacuum pump slowly pulls the moisture , ice crystals, out of the flower cells. Under a vacuum the ice crystals melt at different temperatures going from a solid to a gas without going through a liquid. The gas is drawn to another chamber and condenses back to ice. Because of this process the shape and natural color is maintained.
When the flowers are done they are hand dipped in a solvent that helps hold them together as well as having UV inhibitors to helps reduce fading from the sun.

 Freeze- Drying 101